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On February 11th, on her birthday, we launched a campaign to live our lives like Lily Elena Aracic Meyer lived hers.  She loved, she laughed, and she was silly.  She spread joy to everyone she met—she was pure goodness!

Her parents know that she was going to do a tremendous amount of good in this world.  Touched by the love and support our community showed them during this devastating time, they asked us to continue to help others in need and take care of one another. They asked us to go do something good and do it for Lily!

“I implore you all, in the name of my beautiful daughter, to do some extra good in the world, to make up for her loss...And if anyone asks you why you’re helping, say ‘It’s for Lily’”

As a school, and with our community beyond, we are asking you to share stories of good deeds and kindness, be aware of those around you in need of your love and laughter, and spread joy as much as you can, just as Lily did. Do an act of kindness for Lily, and it will make all the difference for this SRV Wolfpack family!

A special thanks to our sponsor, Bishops Haircuts and Color in Danville! Here is their website and here is their Instagram! 


Send your act of kindness videos, photos, and/or stories to doitforlily777@gmail.com, DM them to @DoItForLily or use


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